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Unite Against Fascism email contacts list, 2009

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May 1, 2009

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is a left wing group, whose primary activities in the United Kingdom revolve around checking the spread of the British National Party (BNP), an ethno-nationalist organization that seeks to expel most non-whites from the UK. WikiLeaks previously published a confidential list of BNP members.

Both the UAF and the BNP harness the energies of the powerless in a pseudo-war while the major resources of the country they live in are carved up by sophisticated native and foreign oligarchs.

One might discount these two underclass groups entirely, were it not for some historical examples showing that a country's financial collapse can lead, in the extreme, to "everyone becoming the underclass", at which point political control of street corners ceases to be mere theater.

The file contains a Unite Against Fascism (UK) email contacts list. 2174 email addresses are represented.

On the 27 Apr 2009, a BNP mouthpiece, the Bedford Shire Beacon released the list, together with this rather disinegenous statement:

Members of the UAF support and subscribe to a vicious and nasty communist hate group who use violence, intimidation, and propaganda to pervert democracy in a free society. The Bedfordshire Beacon does not state that any of these persons in the e-mails listed above are members of such a vile and undemocratic left wing extremest militant hate group. The Bedfordshire Beacon does not condone or support in anyway the misuse of these e-mails. They are strictly for information only.
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United Kingdom
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Unite Against Fascism
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