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Minton report secret injunction gagging The Guardian on Trafigura, 11 Sep 2009

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Released October 13, 2009

This document is the secret injunction which prevented the Guardian newspaper from disclosing the existence or contents of the Minton Report into toxic waste dumping by Trafigura. The Guardian has also been prevented from reporting the contents of the injunction itself. See and many other articles in the British press.

The injunction caused a scandal in the UK on 12-13 October 2009, when it was used to prevent the Guardian reporting a parliamentary question which mentioned the Minton report. This contravened the longstanding assumption that the reporting of parliament should not be hindered in any way.

Those directly affected by the injunction (e.g. the Guardian) may still be legally unable to confirm that this is the document in question. [However, were it a fake, they would probably be able to disclose that]. The NRK journalists who released received the injunction directly from Trafigura itself in an e-mail. The researcher who was sent the report is Synnove Bakke, tel +47 9774 8005, email [email protected] Leading reporters on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation programme which reported on the issue (Brennpunkt) are Synnove Bakke and Kjersti Knudsson ([email protected]).

The injunction was sent to NRK in an attempt to prevent them reporting on the Minton Report.
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