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Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Student Leader handbook, 2008

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April 29, 2009
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United States
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Fellowship of Catholic University Students
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Description (as provided by our source)

This is the Student Leader handbook for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). FOCUS is an organization that sends out Catholic missionaries to colleges across the United States. At these colleges and universities they supposably integrate into the Catholic ministry where they run bible studies and a few other events. During these bible studies, FOCUS secretly evaluates each of the participants and invites a few to lead their own bible studies.

What is not disclosed is that these students also gain invitations to a number of exclusive events and resources all of which are to be kept secrect from the rest of the students participating in the scant few public events that they host. Since most of the secular schools that FOCUS ministers to require that all student groups allow ANY student to have active membership, FOCUS is a fraudulent group on most campuses.

This handbook is the guide that is distributed to these so called "student leaders" who are told to keep the existance of this book a secrect from the rest of the student population. By making this book availible to the public for the first time through Wikileaks, students attatched to Univeristies where FOCUS currently has a presence as well as Universities where FOCUS is applying for recognition as an on campus group will be able to have a window into the true nature of FOCUS.

The document has been lightly redacted to remove references to the specific campus that this book came from. This was done because the number of people who have access to the book at any given campus is quite small so by obscuring where the book came from it makes it harder for FOCUS to track down where it got leaked from. Contact information for FOCUS can be found at In general FOCUS missionary emails are formated first initial last name

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