Bank Julius Baer - Old Leaks up to 2004

Published 17-Jan-2011, 14:00 PM GMT

On Tuesday, 17-Jan-2011 a press conference with Julian Assange and Bank Julius Baer whistleblower Rudolph Elmer was held on releasing information on "over 2,000" high net worth tax evading individuals. Mr. Assange said that WikiLeaks would verify and release the information, including the names, in as little as two weeks. While waiting for the new leaks, find below the leaks relating to Bank Julius Baer that Wikileaks has published in 2008. - ANGEL Andrade Brazil - CARLYLE Michael Blank - Unicrop Halorse Dr Rolf Renker - KUHIO Dr Hans Henning Atrott - Bowsprit Henri Steinberg - G-TRUST Juerg Grossmann CH - The Grossmann story - LEWIS_ST Mr Lewis USA New York - CAESAR - KADO_LAWLord L. Kadoorie USD 113 Mio - 15_DE_SE Nozoleda Spain Blanca Rosa Arenas De Nozaleda and Luis Nozaleda Maujo - MOONST Dr Robert Schuler - SMOLKA_L Lotty Smolka - Evidence of tax fraud support by BJB

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